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Power Mash Up

As always, he who wishes to reach the most rarefied and potent ranks must be in control; his opponents are in disarray, reduced in numbers and engaged in an internal struggle, where fear and power do not peacefully coexist - The relationship of love to aggression and violence.
Unafraid of a good fight. The President and his party have firm control over congress and the ability to push through ambitious plans. His fame frame, unlike that of most other mega stars rests very much on people who love to hate him and others who hate to love him - He will always stay personally popoular. What sets him apart is his disregard, in some cases contempt, for the dictates of fashion. Revelling in presidential power and influence unseen in Washington for decades, The political matrix at the height of his power commands a certain above-the-fray quality, a certain serenity. It is a level of influence and power for a president that is literally unprecedented. He is someone who is highly charged, and, unlike most people, he neither disguises it nor is ashamed of it, he is curious, independent and thoughtful, completely an expression of himself, he exhibits, explores, and displays it, and feels no compunction about doing so publicly. Having created some definitive benchmarks which has given him the power to force an overhaul, giving him political capital to undertake big challenges; and more often than not he wins. He never follows anyone else’s lead, just his own original energy. If he handles it right it could be his century.

"Obama reveling in U.S. power unseen in decades,"

"The Power List: Women in Fashion: Miuccia Prada,"

"Madonna in Wonderland,"


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Experiment Two Submission

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Experiment Two - Final

The architecture presented is designed for the two scientists, Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Keith Campbell, around their ideas about captivity and cloning, respectively. Cousteau’s laboratory is located on the exterior of the cliff, whilst Campbell’s is inside.
Cousteau’s laboratory relates directly to his thoughts on the captivity of marine life, that no dolphin in an aquarium is the same as in the ocean. Hence the space I have created for him is respective of a closed space that has been exploded apart, such as to release the dolphin back into the wild.
Campbell’s laboratory relates to his ideas on cloning and science, how through cloning he will be able people in the future. So for him I have created a space that focuses on an inversely symmetrical sculpture. A ramp circulates around and through this sculpture, signifying his desire to get to and understand cloning, and therefore be able to help people.
Campbell’s laboratory is located inside the space created by Cousteau’s, relating them in an electro-liquid aggregation, Campbell’s sculpture is the Dolphin in Cousteau’s Aquarium, and through cloning it may be able to be set free and released back into the wild.

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Electoliquid Aggregation

"No Aquarium offers the benefits of a marine land. However Cloning can begin to duplicate the conditions of the sea. I hope that we manage to get there and improve the quality of life for a lot more people. No inhabitant of one of those aquariums can be considered normal, but me may be able to treat them or hold them off or control and mange them."

2nd Draft UT2004 Environment

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